About Us

Our aspiration is to create the right show for every size and occasion. This implies that every project has to be set up and adjusted individually. Small areas require a completely different approach when it comes to constructing and arranging the fountains as well as programming the proper show than working with spacious grounds.

Our installations can be applied almost anywhere. The pumps are suitable for different water conditions, allowing work with fresh water, lake water, pool water and even salt water.

The bread choice of fountains does not only allow different water jet forms, but endless possibilities to combine them in a fascination color brilliance. Every set-up creates a new picture and becomes unique.

Top-quality components allow many variations – you can create anything from slow majestic waves to fast explosive volleys with the possibility of rapidly changing the aquatic images.

In this way we can build different types of installations, such as pools of different sizes in parks, hotel complexes or shopping centers. Private water fountain systems are not foreign to us and an exciting challenge!

Our Team

It is very important for us to have a competent and reliable team.

This professionalism leads every concept to success and allows all resources, preparations and materials to be fully utilized at every level. To make this possible we always work with solid partners, experienced technicians and talented operators.

In addition to our core team, we can also rely on many qualified freelancers. And to ensure that all these talented people can reach their full potential, we trust long-term partners when it comes to the software and hardware we use. Demanding tasks that require flexible solutions then become a welcome challenge, because we can handle them at any stage!

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