Pyro Effects

Pyrotechnical special effects fascinate the audience again and again and are the perfect contrast to the water!

In cooperation with our partners, there are numerous forms and application possibilities which we can offer you. The use of these effects enriches the water show with a further component and makes it multimedia. So not only classical positions of fireworks can be ignited synchronously to the music and have a dramaturgical supporting effect, but also additional effect positions with single shot effects, like comets, mine effects and mine-effect-combinations can be integrated.

Laserfabrik art2o water fountain pyro airbeat one 3
Laserfabrik art2o water fountain pyro genclik park

They enrich the show concept and are fired in dynamically flowing sequences, volleys or individually, vertically or at an angle.

At close range, effects such as column fire jets, Bengal fires and much more open up further possibilities for attractive additional highlights.

Let us advise you and we will find the perfect solution for your show!

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