Mobile Fountain Systems

We have developed a mobile water system with which gigantic shows can be realized within a few days. All you need is a water connection!

Within a short period of time, our team builds the infrastructure and a mobile pool in which water fountains up to 25 m high can be operated. We can adjust the size and shape of the pool to the conditions on site - even the fountain setup is individually composed and adjusted to the requirements of the show.

Laserfabrik art2o mobile water fountain system thxville 3
Laserfabrik art2o mobile waterfountain system tv stage

We can make the fountains dance to an orchestra live, as well as prepare pre-programmed timecode shows down to the smallest detail.

Impress your customers, partners and employees with a breathtaking highlight that will be remembered! Water has always been an element with an equally fascinating and calming quality. Let us offer you all possible facets!

Other Services

Art2o Visualization Service Water Fountain
Art2o waterfountain show production service

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