LEA - Live Entertainment Award

At the Live Entertainment Award, PRG sponsors a spectacular stage for the festive evening event every year, which is also used afterwards as a demo stage for the Prolight + Sound trade fair. The art2o team used a small selection of dancing water fountains in combination with lasers to make this stage unique. The Prolight + Sound fair in Frankfurt am Main is the biggest platform in the world to present the latest possibilities in the field of event technology to the professional audience!

With this unique stage construction, which gives visitors a detailed look behind the scenes, we were able to show the professional audience how they can integrate the element of water into an active and varied stage show. Even with this comparatively concentrated set-up, the wow-effect was a welcome innovation on a traditional concert stage, especially in combination with light and laser. The pumps and fountains can be integrated almost invisibly into the stage setup, thus not "getting in the way" and creating a special effect that comes out of nowhere as a surprise for the audience.

The play of light and water impressed the audience and provided colorful, moving images of the highest quality.

Date: 2014
Job: Live-Operating, Time-Code-Show
Event Type: Award Show


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